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Version 10.2

AI Image Creator
Create images using AI (OpenAI's DALL-E API) by describing an image. The new functin createAIimage in the Media API an be used to create new images. Please provide your OpenAI's API key in the publications setting in order to access the OpenAI's API. An example template can be found in the directory hypercms/install/templates/showcases/tpl/AIimageCreator.comp.tpl

New Search statistics and Report Plugin
The new search statistics Plugin provides valuable insights into popular search expressions and the users search activities, like popular file-types, image colors and dimenson, and geolocations.
The new Report Plugin provides a central access to all available reports.
Both new Plugins require the Report Management module to be installed. Before they ara availble to te users they need to be activated in the Plugin Management and require the access permission to be set in the desired user groups.

Gallery view, open objects and Geolocation view of IP addresses in Reports
If objects are part of a report a thumbnail gallery view will be automatically available. Objects can be opened in the table of gallery view of the report. If IP addresses are part of a report (usually public viewers) the geolocation of the IP address will be displayed on click.

Zoom in preview
If you open the "Preview" via the context menu or the toolbar, you can now zoom and move the image on the desktop using the mouse wheel.

Similar images
This function can be accessed via the “Show similar” action in the toolbar. Clicking on the button displays images whose colors are similar to the selected image.

Check for duplicates
The system warns during the upload if a file with the same content already exists in the system. However, the user can also deactivate this check when uploading. With the help of the new function “Check for duplicates” that can be found in the Desktop, assets with the same file content can also be found subsequently.

Portal Design Themes
Individual design themes for the user interface offer the option of positioning the main menu bar on the side or at the top. The hover color for buttons can be set individually, with the exception of transparent design themes.

Improved file format support
The preview and conversion of Encapsulated PostScript and KRITA files has been improved.


Version 10.0 and 10.1

  • Connector plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. LinkrUI enables direct searching, opening, and placing of assets stored in the DAM.
  • New graphical user interface and toolbar with reduced buttons and use of a submenu
  • Support for uploading folders with automatic creation of folders in the system
  • Processing of unpacked files of a ZIP file in the background (queue)
  • Display of the extracted files while unpacking a ZIP file
  • Optimized display of preview images (less delay when using a slow external storage)
  • Allocation of display names for publications with support of special characters
  • New functions in Task Management: Creation of new tasks directly in task management without sending a message; The status of tasks can be reported directly in the object concerned; Export of tasks as CSV file; Display of the status of a task in a progress bar now also in the list view
  • New functions in Project Management: Definition of dependencies between tasks; Display of the status of a task in a progress bar now also in the list view
  • Improvements in the Workplace Integration
  • Support for a main and hover color in the Portal templates
  • Automated user notifications when the same object is edited by different users at the same time
  • Improved user interface in the Mobile Edition
  • Optimized upload of large files using file chunks and resumable upload
  • Automated import of multilingual taxonomies
  • New RESTful API functions
  • Improved search performance
  • Improved performance when copying, moving, and removing objects
  • Enhancements in the LDAP and MS Active Directory Connector
  • New version of the rich text editor
  • New transparent design theme that can also be used for the portal templates
  • Display of the workflow status in the detail and gallery/thumbnail view with the help of an icon for the status "Completed" and "In progress"
  • Display of the connected copies in a new column and in the sidebar
  • New permission for the automatically created users for access links (they can only log into the system via the access link, unless the permission is changed manually)
  • Support of the reimport of previously exported multimedia files (using symbolic links)
  • New version of the image editor with support of multilayer images
  • New version of the richtext editor
  • Optimizations in the Workflow Management
  • New data model for increased performance
  • New design of the user interface
  • Keyboard shortcut support for the selected objects (Save: CTRL/CMD+S, Select all: CTRL/CMD+A, Cut: CTRL/CMD+X, Connected copy: CTRL/CMD+Y, Copy: CTRL/CMD+C, Paste: CTRL/CMD+V)
  • Administration of access permissions for plugins in user groups
  • Faster automatic translation of taxonomies into different languages
  • Customization of the toolbar


Version 9

  • Automatic software updates
  • Support of multiple YouTube accounts per publication for the YouTube video upload
  • Automatic face recognition for pictures and videos (requires naming the unknown persons in pictures to train the system)
  • New graphical user interface
  • Support of the eletronic signature
  • "Shoppable Videos" allow you to mark the products in your video and define a webshop link. The clickable product images with the right focal point are automatically created for your video.
  • New central search function as well as a new search and replace function
  • Redesign of the toolbars within the administration of the instances, publications, user groups, templates, personalization, and workflows
  • Display of assets when a bar is selected in the access statistics
  • The keyword tag supports the display of the taxonomy tree for keyword selection and includes a search function
  • The Workflow Management supports task titles and displays connections of the workflow items
  • The Workflow Management supports start and end dates when accepting or rejecting a workflow item


Version 8

  • New version of the rich text editor
  • New image processing solution for single images (not suitable for processing multiple images)
  • New design of the upload window as part of the main window of the graphical user interface (optional)
  • New Kanban-style task management view besides the task list
  • Support of media processing and provision via GET requests
  • New Mobile Edition supports chat on iOS devices
  • Drag and drop objects and folders with the mouse in order to cut, copy (Ctrl key), connected copy (Alt key) and paste
  • OpenAPI now supports REST in addition to SOAP
  • Download and access links are available as virtual files in the Workplace Integration. These files can be embedded and sent as attachments in e-mail messages, e.g. with MS Outlook (requires the Workplace Integration Module)
  • Support of 360 / Virtual Reality images and videos
  • Configuration of code snippets for the integration of 360 / Virtual Reality images and videos into any webpage
  • Export of reports as images (requires Report Management Module)
  • Configuration of code snippets for the integration of images and documents into any webpage
  • Paging for the preview of all objects of a folder
  • Creation of designs for the system with restrictions on download formats for portals (for example creation of an employee portal or partner portal)
  • Creation of individual home boxes for the home page
  • Password reset for users in the user administration with automatic e-mail notification and request to change the password after login
  • Setting the number of the last passwords that can not be used (must be set in the main configuration of the system)
  • Automatic deactivation of users if they are not active in the system for a certain number of days (must be set in the main configuration of the system)
  • Time-limited access of users to the system in the user management
  • Logoff users from the system in the user management
  • Assignment of the home boxes to users in the user management
  • Display of the status (active / logged off) of users in the user management
  • Automatically create relationships between assets after copying and pasting
  • Multiselect is also supported for mobile devices
  • New graphical user interface with new design theme
  • New Mobile Edition for tablets and smartphones
  • Support of private and public chat mode (to be defined in the main configuration of the system)
  • Access links to multiple objects are sent as a single link to the collection
  • Redesign of the mail form for sending messages and sharing assets (opens in new or same window based on configuration)
  • Support of the download of all favorites
  • Support of new font file types
  • Numerous improvements


Version 7

  • Optical character recognition for embedded graphics in PDF documents
  • New design theme "Experience" for the graphical user interface
  • The automated import supports FTP servers as well
  • The registration of new users can be activated in the user administration
  • Support of individual watermarks for images and videos by a new template tag
  • Form controls to activate, deactive, hide and display form elements based on rules
  • New taxonomy editor with multilanguage support
  • Save and display all sent messages of a user
  • Delayed sending of messages on a certain date and time
  • Display of the selected objects in a message
  • New download formats
  • Download videos as picture sequences
  • New import features for administrators
  • Speech-to-Text for video and audio files (optional, chargeable additional service)
  • Automatic tagging of pictures and videos (optional, chargeable additional service)
  • Files can be automatically packed into a ZIP file when uploading
  • New Home Screen Box for displaying the download and access links of the last uploaded files
  • New Home Screen Box for the diosplay of the free storage space per Publication
  • Definition of individual wallpapers per design theme
  • New toolbar for annotations for vidoes
  • The size of the preview can be defined separately for images, videos and documents
  • Metadata templates of folders will be applied to all subfolders and assets
  • The optical character recognition in images is based on the language setting of the user and supports 3 additional languages
  • Support for UHD/4K videos by the video editor
  • Display of subprojects and tasks in chronological order
  • Select objects by dragging the mouse
  • Preview of videos in fullscreen mode
  • New OpenAPI functions with support of workflows
  • New designed graphical user interface with support of 4K displays
  • Improved user experience due to a new and more minimalized design approach
  • Improvements in various system features


Version 6

  • The preview of the image editing opens in the same window and offers a zoom function
  • The geolocation of a visitor opens in the same window for the access statistics of an object
  • Deleted objects will be collected in the recycle bin before they can be deleted permanently from the system (optional feature)
  • Automatic and manual face detection for images and videos in order to find people more easily
  • Manual definition of an objects geolocation (requires a new hyperCMS tag in the temlpate)
  • Tracking of external users by their ID when using wrapper- or download-links
  • New translation service plugin for more than 500 language pairs
  • New Live-View for all assets/files
  • Search results can be saved
  • Search for file size
  • Definition of metadata/content hierarchies for the hierarchical presentation of objects according to their metadata or content
  • List of all keywords in searchbar of Navigator
  • Assetbrowser module for the integration of third-party CMS
  • Translation service for over 100 languages (must be enabled in publication)
  • Place annotations on images
  • Support of multilingual taxonomies
  • Support of synonyms in search
  • Resizeable colums in the detail view
  • Definition of a support user for the online chat
  • E-mail notification will be send on a chat invitation
  • Users can be requested to input meta data while uploading new files
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) of text in images
  • Create and monitor projects with the new Project Management module
  • Improved Task Management
  • The advanced search is also integrated in the Navigator frame
  • Create reports and charts (pie, column, timeline and geolocation charts)


Version 5

  • Task management offers new features, like start and end date of task, task notifications/reminders, ...
  • New implementation of content/asset encryption with reduced file size of encrypted content/assets
  • YouTube video integration plugin for rich text editor
  • Spell checker plugin for rich text editor
  • New version of rich text editor with full support for MS Edge
  • Images and videos can be easily integrated in various social networks. This feature needs to be activated in the Publication.
  • Search expression recommender based on the history of used search expressions (Search expressions will be logged since Version 5.7.14)
  • New standard design theme
  • Integrated chat for the direct communication with other users and the object-link exchange
  • Automatic time-controlled removement of files after upload
  • Advanced video editing (gamma correction, sharpness, brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Watermarking of images and videos (global publication setting)
  • Encryption of files and content on the server (global publication setting)
  • Extended information about files in the preview
  • Support for reading and writing meta data based on ID3 tags (e.g. MP3 files)
  • Support of several new languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Somali, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu
  • New 'Flat' design theme
  • Add objects to your favorites and manage them on your desktop
  • FTP file  upload
  • Multi selection and editing of images, videos and audio files
  • Define download formats when sending files
  • New keyword tag with support for keyword lists
  • New Youtube connector with support of the new authentification method
  • Creating and editing of Video Text Tracks for Videos in all languages
  • Improved video montage features
  • New Plugin about the usage of search expression
  • Copy & paste of download links into e-mails of any client (activation via alt-key)
  • Access statistics includes the geo location of the user who downloaded the file
  • Detection of geo location and serach for the geo location of objects
  • Automatic notification on change of objects and fgolders via context menu
  • Sidebar for the preview of objects
  • Support of mobile devices (Optimized user interface for smartphones und tablets).
  • New Multi File Upload with Drag & Drop Support (requires HTML5 file support)
  • Video Screen Capture: Create a start screen from the Video
  • Easy integration of videos in external pages by one single tag
  • Presentation module for products (Image gallery/Viewer with zoom)
    with easy integration in external pages by one single tag
  • Support of themes: Individual designed user interface of the system
  • Web2Print for the creation of printable documents
  • Multiselect and editing of objects
  • Version control and compare function for files
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