About us

About us

hyperCMS Content Management Solutions offers innovative Enterprise Content & Digital Asset Management solutions.

The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server automates and accelerates communication, marketing, and sales processes. Helping you to reduce costs and to achieve greater flexibility in day-to-day operations.

Constant innovation and the use of new technologies as well as the personal employment are the basis of our success.

We understand ourselves also as a Solution Provider, who offers its customers services which are tailored optimally on the needs of the respective enterprise.

Customer from over 20 countries use and trust our products.

Enterprise Content &
Digital Asset Management

DAM & CMS Cloud Service

Our History

The development of the product hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server found its beginning in 1999.

The unseccessful search to find a suitable, freely available XML-based, and easy to use content management system invoked the start for developing a new software.

After evaluating a number of open source products and dealing with their issues in terms of scalability and flexibilty, the decision was made to develop a new system from scratch. The focus was always on flexibility and support for all major operating systems or platforms. This was the only way to support different IT infrastructures of customers by providing them an efficient platform-independent and adaptable solution.

The content and digital asset management system was designed as an out-of-the-box solution and can be taken into operation quickly. The necessary flexibility was provided by the template engine of the system. This allowed the integration of different formats and application server technologies.

An essential part of the product strategy is that the portal with static and dynamic content must be able to run without the content management system in the background. Therefore, 100% staging was the guiding principle. Furthermore, the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server is also one of the few systems on the market, where the presentation system and the managment system are independent from each other. This arechitecture reduces the the risk of a failure significantly.

In subsequent years, the content management system has been strengthened and further developed into a digital asset management solution. This could be achieved by the integration of existing Open Source products in the field of video transcoding/streaming, file management, and data transfer. These enhancements resulted ultimately in version 5, which was a milestone in the development and was found favor with large companies who were looking for such a solution. Due to the excellent user interface, the system was easy to use and only required no or minimal training. The system enabled the rapid replacement of unmanageable and vast collections of digital media, which could not be centrally managed. All media assets could be easily imported, which led to better national or international communication and enabled the transfer of large amounts of data over the web.

The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server looks back to over two decades of evolution and enjoys a continuous development based on new requirements and ideas.

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