Architecture and Scalability

The software architecture of the system is build for flexibility, scalability, and performance.
The system supports most state-of-the-art operating system, web servers, application servers, and cloud storages. The publications can be operated independently of the management system, therefore the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server is 100% capable of staging and is fulfilling highest demands on availability through distributed systems and load balancing.
The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server is 100% based on Open Source technologies and deliberately avoids the use of proprietary software components. Only established and long-proven software will be integrated as part of the system.


Data Protection and Intrusion Detection

The system protects your confidential data and secures your System from external attacks. The system is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption and supports industry-standard SSL/TSL connection security.
Several types of intrusions can be detected. The system will automatically apply measures and block the attacks.

Access Permissions

Administrators can easily configure permissions for all internal and external users. User credentials are stored with one-way encryption to protect accounts and assets. The system never uses cookies to store confidential information.

The system is also equipped with configurable group-based permissions, allowing for controlled access to content and features. The system allows for public or private access through user login security, unique, and secure hash codes for each asset. Organizations can also restrict the access by specific IP addresses for each publication.

Security Monitoring

The system continuously logs numerous events and reports intrusions. Regularly conducted security audits guarantee compliance with the highest security standards.

System Integration

Import / Export

The import and export interface enables the import and export of any asset into and out of the system automatically. Alongside with the files, it is possible to import additional control- or meta-information. Therefore the limitations of file formats will not limit your metadata definitions.

OpenSearch, OpenAPI, Plugins, Event System

OpenSearch and OpenAPI can be used to integrate legacy systems, catalogue systems, MS SharePoint and others.
The systems own API allows you to develop individual interfaces and Plugins as well.
Plugins can be used to integrate new features in the system and can be easily developed and installed on your own.
The Event System enables the automatic execution of actions based on system events.

Third-Party Platforms

Integrate third-party marketing platforms to save time for your marketing team. If you are using different solutions for marketing automation, blogging, e-mails or social networks, you can utilize assets in the system directly from those platforms.
Build a new landing page, blog post or e-mail campaign and easily find and embed approved images and graphics uploaded from your creative team. Need to replace an asset used in a blog, e-mail and your websites? Just upload a new version and see the changes happen right away across all your target platforms and campaigns.
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