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API Documentation / Wiki

The following pages provide an overview about all functions of the API (Application Programming Interface) of the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server.
Please note, that you might usually only require few functions for the development of Plugins, template functions like navigation, sitemap and so on. Please read the Template Designers Guide and Programers Guide for a better insight.
The API is primarily used for the implementation of standalone applications that leverage the capabilities of the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server. The API is not to be confused with the OpenAPI, which is based on a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and is not part of the Free Edition.

For Questions & Answers please visit the Google Group.

hyperCMS API Function Reference

  1. Main API Functions
  2. Get API Functions
  3. Set API Functions
  4. Connect API Functions
  5. Security API Functions
  6. Media API Functions
  7. Metadata API Functions
  8. Link API Functions
  9. Plugin API Functions
  10. User Interface API Functions
  11. Template Engine API Functions
  12. XML API Functions
  13. Report API Functions
  14. Project API Functions
  15. Task API Functions
  16. Workflow API Functions
  17. Cloud Storage API Functions
  18. Import/Export API Functions
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