We bring more than a decade of expertise supporting a large amount of users in more than 20 different countries.

hyperCMS has various customers in different industries, namely commerce, craftsmanship, financing, telecommunication, and specialized companies. It is not just our product our customers trust in, it is also our broad knowledge when it comes to content and digital asset management services. Among these services, we offer total cost of ownership analysis, organizations consulting, and process consulting for major enterprises.

Customer Stories

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

RZB „The simple and intuitive graphical user interface and the large application spectrum are essential for our daily work and the collaboration with external partners.“

Mag. (FH) Martin Hackl,
Zentrale Raiffeisen Werbung, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Raiffeisen Bank International was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Vienna. It is the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group (RBG) and the core company of the RZB Group.
Raiffeisen Bank International is using the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server for the management of TV commercials, documents, graphics nicluding automatically created logos, and animations. The managed assets are supplied to partners and websites. Features like video converting, smart distribution of multimedia files, free definition of metadata-schemas, and search functionality as well as messaging functions are commonly used for the day-to-day work. The Media Streaming Service is used to transfer the commercials quickly to the World Wide Web. When it comes to collaboration with external partners, the workflow control, the distribution, and quick access to files are essential in order to meet the timeline of projects.

UNIQA Insurance Group

„We have one platform to address all our needs in 17 different countries, helping us to easily manage and publish rich content.“

Gabriela Rusu,
Head of Marketing, UNIQA International Versicherungs-Holding GmbH

UNIQA Group Austria is among the leading insurance companies in Central Europe. The company combines consciously the Austrian identity with European dimensions.
UNIQA International has decided to use the Enterprise Content & Digital Asset Management Solution of the leading CMS/DAM vendor in Austria "hyper Content Management Solutions" to manage the rich content of websites in 17 different countries.
Due to the numerous inheritance capabilities of the system, the management of the design and functionalities in different languages is easy. A major reason for choosing the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server was the ease of use and low running costs compared to the competition. The editors take advantage of the digital asset management functions of the system and can edit and embed videos, manage different document formats, and integrate the rich content in various publications.
Several country specific applications such as claim forms, customer inquiries, interactive maps, callback services, customer portals, and e-learning applications have been developed and integrated.

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