What we do

What we do

For more than 20 years we are working together with companies by supporting them to reach their business targets faster and more efficient with our Content and Digital Asset Management solution. Our solution enables organizations to unleash the full potential of their digital assets and content.

Enterprise Content & Digital Asset Management is needed in all large and distributed organizations, to meet the requirements in advertising, communications, marketing or documentation.
Especially the following divisions benefit from a modern Enterprise Content & Digital Asset Management System:

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations

Public Relations – for press releases

To organize, exchange or publish & distribute rich content and for digital rights management.

The perfect solution for professional PR. Distribute your press releases including the associated digital media quickly, safely, and effectively to all recipients.

Marketing & Sales – for the release of marketing and sales materials

To organize, release, publish & distribute, integrate rich content, and for digital rights management.

Provide your sales force and partners with the latest information, marketing materials, presentations, and documentation. Ensure that all partners follow your CD, implement a consistent brand management under your control.

Creative & Designers – for creating marketing and sales material

To organize, protect, integrate, share, release rich content, and for digital rights management.

Create a platform for the cooperation with your creative service providers and print shops regardless of their location. Create efficient processes to reach your goals faster and more cost effectively.

Product Management and Documentation

Product Manager - for the release of product information

To organize, release, publish & distribute, integrate information, as well as for digital rights management.

Supply your customers and partners quickly with the latest product information and documentation. Publish your information on different channels, such as on your website, in the webshop and on partner sites.

Documentation & Construction – for documentation and archiving

To organize, share, review, comment, or archive data.

Maintain your documentation from any place and at any time and supporting the rapid and objective assessment of your projects and objects.


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Product Overview

A brief overview about the features of the hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server.



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