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Unlimited user accounts, you only pay for the modules you select and your Cloud storage. Calculate the price online based on your scenario.

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Workplace Integration

Workplace integration means direct access and editing of all your files without additional down- and upload. Open, edit and save any Adobe file. Insert images directly into your PowerPoint presentation or Word document. Access files directly from your e-mail client to attach or store them.

Access Everywhere

Support of smartphones and tablets to access your rich content anytime and everywhere.

No more attachments and overcrowded e-mail boxes, just share it

Send large collections of files without spaming their e-mail accounts. Share large data collections by sending them fast and reliable to external persons and partners. The perfect solution to integrate your partners, like agencies, into your workflow. A great support to create, rework/discuss, approve, and release media items.

Connect & Automate

Connect your all your systems and enable them to search, access and integrate your digital assets.
Automatic import/export of files and data.
Connect your systems using the standard interface for search and integration of your rich content (OpenSearch) and the tight system integration via webservice (OpenAPI).

Your personalized System

Your personalized System with your brand name and in your corporate design.
You receive a user interafce that is based on your styleguide.

Green Energy

Taking responsibility for the environment means increasingly drawing electricity from renewable energy sources. This is why our infrastructure partners use electricity from renewable sources to supply the servers in the data center parks with energy.

This means that the entire electricity consumption for our cloud solution is covered by wind and water power.

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