Modules for the optimal integration into your work environment

Client Brand Module

Your personalized Digital Asset Management System with
your brand name and in your corporate design.

Connector Module

Automatic import/export of files and data.
Connect your systems using the standard interface for search and integration of your rich content (OpenSearch) and the tight system integration via webservice (OpenAPI).

Workplace Integration

Workplace integration means direct access and editing of all your files without additional down- and upload. Open, edit and save and Adobe files. Insert images directly into your PowerPoint presentation or Word document. Access files directly from your e-mail client to attach or store them.

Share Module

Send large collections of files without spaming the e-mail accounts. Share large data collections by sending them fast and reliable to external persons and partners. The perfect solution to integrate all members of the creative workflow into your workflow. A great support to create, rework/discuss, approve, and release media items.